As I look back on the last month and a half, I am left wondering where did the time go? There was so much going on that some days felt like a blur and others that felt like they would never end.

We spent a lot of time working in our garden and trying to save as much as we could from the heat wave...ended up with only 1 freezer full of vegetables instead of 2 this year.

Here are some snapshots of our summer.....

We spent a lot of time at this lake fishing and playing.

Shell-bug discovered comic books and decided she would help teach J-bug to read.

They spent a lot of time in the pool and playing on the slip and slide.

Shell-bug learned how to use the mower so that she could help her daddy with the yard work.

J-bug with his new bike...no training wheels for him!

Shell-bug's butterfly garden was a success!

Another beautiful sunset in the Ozarks!

And now it's time for another school year to start and I am nowhere ready for it. J-bug is eager to get started as he finally decided that books are cool and he needs to know how to read NOW! Shell-bug is just wanting more of everything, sometimes it is hard to keep up with her as fast as she learns new things.

I will work harder on keeping this site updated with our homeschooling progress in the future.

Thanks for stopping by.....

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