Think about cleaning in two ways: the first is the way that you're doing it now, the second is the way that you should be doing it. Until now, you've probably been taught that if you clean things slowly, then you're doing the job well, but if you clean quickly, then you're not going to be able to deep clean, you'll miss spots, and you'll just generally perform the task in a shoddy way.

Though it might be true that if you rush through your cleaning, you may not get things as clean as they should be, it doesn't mean that you can't clean quickly and achieve satisfactory results. This is an important thing to discover, because with work, family, friends, and tons of other errands always requiring our attention, we just don't have that much time to devote to house cleaning anymore.

Indeed, every surface does still need to be dusted, wiped, or otherwise washed in order to make it fresh again. However, there are some techniques that make the work much faster and easier while accomplishing the same goal.

For example, if you start from the top of a room or a task, and make your way downward, you'll be working in the fastest possible way. This will stop you from dirtying areas you've just cleaned and either leaving a mess behind, or having to re-clean the same area twice. To accomplish this, you'll need to think of the big picture. Start on the upper floor of your house, dust things that are high up before dusting the lower things, clean your mirrors and other glass surfaces wiping from the top to the bottom.

Though this doesn't seem like much, if you stick to it, you'll actually be saving yourself a staggering amount of time. Just by changing the order in which things are cleaned, and the direction in which you clean them, you can shave a great deal off the length of time that you spend cleaning your home.

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No one likes to clean up - especially the kids. Instead of fighting with your family to get it done, or worse, doing all the work yourself, create a day when everyone pitches in and gets the job done fast.

A family chore day gets everyone involved in taking care of the home. You all live there so it is everyone’s responsibility to keep it looking nice. Family chore day can be all day or just in the morning. It’s best to start in the morning when the entire family is peppy and fresh. That way, the afternoon is left for other more fun activities.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should leave the house an utter disaster area until that “one” day. If company is coming over or the sink is full of dishes you might have to take care of the issue. But, for the most part, family chore day should take care of the things that no one wants to do during the week. Some specific items that come to mind from my own house are: washing clothes, cleaning bedrooms, washing windows, vacuuming, etc.

You will have to have a few ground rules for family chore day. Everyone agrees to be available for that particular day and period of time. This is important, especially when you have teenagers who make plans on the weekends or dads who want to spend some time with the guys.

1. Decide on a day. You can rotate the day each week or keep it the same. Keeping it the same lets everyone plan around the activity easily.

2. Make a list of what chores need to be done. You can team up to tackle big jobs so it doesn’t take as much time.

3. Get your supplies ahead of time. When Saturday morning (or whatever day you choose) rolls around, you want to be able to hit the ground running. Have buckets, cleaners, equipment and paper towels or rags all in one area ready to grab and put to use.

4. Make it fun. On that day, the family gets to eat out for breakfast. Feeding everyone will keep them from pooping out too soon. Listen to some music while you work. Take turns choosing music so you satisfy everyone’s tastes.

5. Family chore day saves energy and thus, money. Washing clothes on one day means full loads which saves water and energy over washing a half load every other day.

6. Change chores assigned each week. No one wants to get stuck cleaning the bathrooms every week. Take turns doing the yucky jobs.

Are the dishes piling up or does the house look a wreck? Try a family chore day to share the job of keeping your home livable.

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