Our weekend started on Thursday as hubby had the day off, making it a 3 day weekend for him. We didn't do much that day as he got home from work at 7 am and then went to sleep till around 1pm. We then spent most of the afternoon working in the garden planting some more veggies.

This year we made the garden bigger, 130 ft x 35 ft, plus a smaller area for watermelons and another for onions and potatoes.

Kids are helping and Shellbug has made a chart to keep track of how long it takes the seeds to start sprouting.

Friday was Hubby's birthday, so the kids decided to take him fishing.
We all had a blast...caught 2 trout and 2 sunperch...let them go so they could get bigger.

Came home and let the kids play on the slip-n-slid till the sun went down. Ate dinner and then the kids made their daddy a birthday cake with candles and they all blew them out...

This is my favorite picture from this weekend!

Saturday was much of the same, worked in the garden, mowed the yard, and played with the kids...the rest of the weekend flew by and was over before we knew it.

Back to work for hubby and more schooling for the kids.

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This will be our 2nd year of homeschooling.
So far the kids are loving it and learning so much.
We are pretty eclectic in our approach and
everything becomes a new learning experience.

Join us as we explore the world and learn new stuff along the way!

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