Ask any mom how becoming a mother feels and she’ll tell you it is the greatest experience of her life. Nothing can top motherhood!

Ask her again after a few months of little to no sleep, when her 2 year old has ransacked the entire house or her teenager has just started driving. She may give you an overwhelmed look and let out a heavy sigh, but her reply will remain the same.

She wouldn’t trade the title Mom for the world, even on her child’s worst day.

Just take a look at some of these real-life examples to see what we mean.

One mom of two, ages 4 and 5, had this to say when asked what she finds the hardest, yet most rewarding part of being a mom.

“I find disciplining them really hard. Sometimes you just want to give in and make peace, but when you hold out, they really start to get it and become better people. I also love answering their questions, but find them challenging at times. They ask me what certain words mean or why something is a certain way. Often, they're asking about things no 4 or 5 year old should be concerned with. Not that they're taboo things or anything, just complex things that are tough to explain.”

Here’s what another mom of 2, ages 9 and 1, feels makes it all worthwhile.

“The other day my 21 month old was testing everything with Mom. Getting into things he knew he shouldn't be, throwing tantrums and refusing to take his nap. You name it he was trying his hardest to see how far he could get with me. Needless to say, no work got done that day, the house was a disaster and this mama needed a break! I was almost ready to give up and say "Oh go ahead and tear all the DVDs off the shelf and have fun!" Then, he came running up to me with the biggest smile on his face and his arms outstretched and gave me a big hug, patted my back and puckered his lips for a kiss! My heart melted, I smiled back, gave him a kiss and told him I loved him while all the stress and built up frustration of the day melted away!”

Being a mother is the toughest job any woman will ever have, but it also takes top honors as the most satisfying. There is nothing else in life that can make a woman ready to pull her hair out and scream, while evoking an extreme feeling of love at the exact same moment in time. Moms invest so much in their children, most of which goes unnoticed until they are older. She gets tired, but never gives up because she knows the rewards for her perseverance will be awesome.

A mother’s work is never complete. Even when her children are grown and have children of their own she wouldn’t want it any other way.

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As I look back on the last month and a half, I am left wondering where did the time go? There was so much going on that some days felt like a blur and others that felt like they would never end.

We spent a lot of time working in our garden and trying to save as much as we could from the heat wave...ended up with only 1 freezer full of vegetables instead of 2 this year.

Here are some snapshots of our summer.....

We spent a lot of time at this lake fishing and playing.

Shell-bug discovered comic books and decided she would help teach J-bug to read.

They spent a lot of time in the pool and playing on the slip and slide.

Shell-bug learned how to use the mower so that she could help her daddy with the yard work.

J-bug with his new bike...no training wheels for him!

Shell-bug's butterfly garden was a success!

Another beautiful sunset in the Ozarks!

And now it's time for another school year to start and I am nowhere ready for it. J-bug is eager to get started as he finally decided that books are cool and he needs to know how to read NOW! Shell-bug is just wanting more of everything, sometimes it is hard to keep up with her as fast as she learns new things.

I will work harder on keeping this site updated with our homeschooling progress in the future.

Thanks for stopping by.....

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