Here is a great site for Free Teacher Resources that will benefit homeschoolers also...

In an effort to help all teachers, Chaunna at Free Teacher Resources, put all of her web resources into one toolbar!

Here's what the Teacher Toolbar has for you.

  • 10-20 Web-links for Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies. That is 100 Websites just for teaching those content areas! Some of the links include interactive lessons and activities for teaching time, money, good writing habits, the weather process...the list goes on. I included my most preferred links in this toolbar!

  • Resource Links for Integrating Technology - and for all the lucky teachers out there with access to a smart board you can check out the terrific links with over a 100 interactive activities for the smart board.

  • Build your own website for FREE..using one of the six providers that I included in the Teacher toolbar.

  • Find great activities to pump up your word wall.

  • STOP searching the internet for First Week lesson ideas...I searched for them for you and included some of the best links for you!

  • Most Importantly...this toolbar is constantly updated, so if you come across a resource that you would like access to often send it to me in an email and I will personally update the toolbar.

The best part about this fantastic teacher resource is that its absolutely FREE!

Click here to get the Teacher Toolbar for FREE Now!

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Angela Maiers said... @ 9/18/2007 8:42 AM

I love your site. This is a great resource you have provided. There is soooo much out there, it is easy to get lost in the resources. Thanks for the effort!

EJ Cooksey said... @ 9/18/2007 10:13 AM

Hi Angela,

I am so glad I could help you find what you were looking for.

Stop back by anytime.

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