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Home canning can be a lot of fun and a great way to store your hard work from the garden for a later time. 
It is always a good idea to use recipes to make the process easier and to take some of the guesswork out of how to can your goodness safely and with a lot of flavor. If you are just starting out or wanting to try something new, start with a recipe on the first go-round because the last thing you would want is a spoiled jar of hard work.

Why are Canning Recipes needed?
When canning items, it is important to keep them safely stored. This could mean adding citric acid to some jars while adding simple syrup to others. The best way to know which is which, is to have a recipe for the item you want to can. Just like you might look to a recipe for how to make the best Chicken Parmesan in the world, a recipe for canning does the same thing.

When do you need to use a Canning Recipe?
The short answer is always. You will be able to tinker with recipes once you get comfortable with time and temperature as well as what ingredients are strictly needed, but if you are just starting, be sure to stick with a tested recipe. Also, if you are trying to can something for the first time, it is suggested that you use a recipe in order to make sure the ingredients reach the proper temperature and pressure to be safe in the can.

How do you use a Canning Recipe?
Using a recipe is as easy as reading a book. Just like baking is a matter of exact measurements, canning is also an exact science of food making. It is important to make sure canned foods are safe, and the only way to do that with some types of food are to follow the directions for the recipe exactly. Keeping the foods in the canner at the right temperature and time ensure the lack of bacteria and the less chance for the food spoiling.
And now that you have that great harvest from your garden, you will need some Canning Recipes to get you started on your home canning journey.  Take a look at this cookbook with 30 Canning Recipes included for fruits, vegetables and even meats.

Listed here are just a few of the canning recipes:
Canned Corn off the Cob
Four Color Canned Bell Peppers
Canned Summer Tomatoes
Sweet Canned Apples
Tasty Home Canned Peaches
Canned Lean Ground Beef
Fall off the Bone Canned Chicken
All Year Long Strawberry Jam
Sinful Apple Pie Filling
Sweet Pickle and Bell Pepper Relish
Sassy Tomato Salsa
and more...

And as a bonus, with the purchase of the cookbook above you get "Canning 101" FREE!
Canning 101 Content:
The Evolution of Canning
Canning – The Next Best Thing
How Canning Works
Canning Supplies 101
Tips for Canning
Can You Can That?
The Importance of Canning Recipes
Canning for the Winter
How to Can Fruits and Vegetables
Canning Meats

Click here to get your copy of both the "Canning Recipes" and "Canning 101" !

Go start your own home canning journey now!

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