Columbus Day is a national holiday celebrated on the second Monday of October. The holiday is celebrated with an annual parade in New York City. In addition to being celebrated in the United States, Puerto Rico, Italy and Spain also celebrate Columbus Day. The purpose of the day is to celebrate Christopher Columbus discovering America in 1492.

Christopher Columbus is responsible for the introduction of European culture into the Americas. When he discovered the Americas in 1492, he spread the word of a new land and thus began the migration of Europeans into the Americas. Italian-Americans, especially, are proud that an Italian discovered the new land. Columbus’ discovery also begins the first recorded history of America.

An annual parade is held in New York City the second Monday in October. The parade is broadcast on WNBC and also internationally in Italy. The parade depicts many Italian-Americans in different set-ups, all of which are aimed at celebrating the Italian-American relationship. Another annual parade is held in Denver, Colorado.

First landing of Columbus on the shores of the...Image via WikipediaMany Americans, especially Italian-Americans, celebrate Columbus Day with a barbeque. It is typically the last barbeque held in the year, depending upon the weather. Others cook a typical seamen’s dinner in honor of the meal that Christopher Columbus must have eaten on the sail to the Americas. The meal can consist of fish, potatoes, beef, cheese and variety of other foods such as rice, dried fruits and legumes.

Columbus Day was made a national holiday in 1971. Beforehand it was recognized as an annual holiday since 1920. Not everyone, however, is quick to celebrate Columbus Day, stating that Columbus did not actually discover the Americas, as there were inhabitants on the land already. The parade in Denver, Colorado has been known to draw protestors each year.

The holiday is celebrated with feasts, parades and other activities as most people are off from work and school. The holiday was made an official federal holiday in 1971 but has been celebrated as an annual holiday on October 12 since 1920. While it is a nationally recognized holiday, not everyone is quick to participate in the festivities. Many people are insisting that it is not fair to celebrate a “discovery” that already had inhabitants – the Native Americans and therefore some states celebrate the holiday by a different name.

Whichever version of the holiday you celebrate, you can be sure that there is an attraction nearby your house. 

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