I'm A Rockin' Girl Blogger!

I have been tagged yet again, not once, but twice for the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award!

Maia Jose at Manila Mom and Jacer at Internet Safety for our Children's Sake have both given me this badge of home...Thank you both so much!

The Rockin' Girl Blogger idea originated from Roberta Ferguson - Blogging Made Devilishly Simple.

The Rules are simple:

  • Place the badge on your blog
  • Give credit to Roberta
  • Pick 5 rockin' girls of your choice and add them to the list

Below is the list of those who have been named Rockin' Girl Bloggers.

There are so many Rockin' women that have already been rocked, so let's see who can I pick....

My 5 Picks:

Up The Hill Gang

Play At Home Mom

This Is My Spot

The Hip Mommy's Place

Fire Fighting Mom

The List:

Female Gamer

The D Spot

Touched By An Angel

Feisty Momma

Homeschooling In The Ozarks

Ev Nucci

So Sioux Me

Den of Wolves

Kissing the Dogwood Blog

The Emancipation of a Drama Queen

Box 1715


Jacer at Internet Safety for our Children's Sake

Suncoast Scribe




The Buzz Queen

Manila Mom

Vegan Momma

Karen at The Pond

The Sassy Southerner

Crazy Working Mom

One Full House

Are We There Yet?

Desert Songbird

Scrappin’ with life

Coffee 2 Go

Rocky Mountain Retreat

Just Me Shann

Comedy Plus



Irish Blogs

Robin Lee Hatcher

Writing From The Inside Out

Absolutely Bananas


Oh, The Joys

Layla’s Classic Rock Faves

Szavanna Blog

Writer Mama

Now Out Of Focus

Wacky Mom

Organising Queen

ShortyBears Place

Dayngrous Discourse

Skittles’ Place

Devilish Southern Belle

Skeet’s Stuff

My Mommy’s Place

Maya’s Mom

Mom Is Nutz

Home School Blogger

Little Woolgatherings

This Eclectic Life

Cindy Swanson


West Of Mars

Wonderland Or Not



Suzanne Harris

Carma’s Window


Malin at Infektia

Terra Andersen

Corrie Haffly

If you can find the time, please visit these rockin' girl blogs!

We All Rock!

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One Wacky Mom said... @ 7/10/2007 7:18 AM

Congratulations! What a cool award isn't it!!! The ozarks is one place I've never been and I would love to visit.

God Bless You and your family!

EJ Cooksey said... @ 7/10/2007 5:16 PM

Thanks for visiting!

It is a great award and I enjoyed passing it on to others.

I have lived in several different states and always ended up back here in the Ozarks...it is beautiful here.

I will try to get some more pictures of the area posted soon.

hipmommy said... @ 7/10/2007 8:59 PM

Congrats! This is so cool! Also I am so happy that you listed my blog as one of your 5 picks! Thank you! I'll definitly participate in Rockin'Girl Blogger! Right now I am very sick so I will be adding the list and the badge on my blog in a few days!

EJ Cooksey said... @ 7/10/2007 9:06 PM

You are welcome Hipmommy

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

Take your time and I hope you feel better soon.

This Eclectic Life said... @ 7/12/2007 9:08 AM

Congratulations on your award. And what a cool idea to list everyone! I gotta do that.

Anonymous said... @ 7/12/2007 2:28 PM

Hi EJ;
Congrats on your Rockin Girl Bloggers Award!

Good luck with your home schooling as well. I did some time with one of my boys in the homeschooling scene as well. It's not alway's easy but it has it's rewards.
Take care;

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