Thursday was cookie baking day!

Shellbug decided we needed to make some cookies for daddy's lunch
box...they of course had to taste test them afterwards to make sure they turned out good....

Shellbug is playing library and we all had to fill out cards so she could
check books out to us.

Friday we went to the lake and spent about 3 hours there.
The kids loved it, we went for a long walk, played on the toys, and did some
It was a beautiful day...

Saturday we went to the Zoo...we got to see the new baby elephant
"Nisha"...visited the petting zoo...plus rode the train around the
Spent about 2 hours walking around...we were so tired later!

Sunday was garden day...
we weeded, took picture and Shellbug updated her charts on how
fast the seeds were growing...picture 1 is lettuce...picture 2 is
radishes...picture 3 is carrots....picture 4 is one of the tomatoes plants.

Shellbug and I spending some "girl time" together Sunday....
Weekends sure do go by fast...

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